Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Final Workshops at Monica's in Palm Desert

We're counting down now: In just a few weeks, the "season" at Monica's Quilt & Bead Creations in Palm Desert will be over for the year, and after March 28 I won't be teaching there again until next January (2014)! If you live in the desert area of Southern California or if you'll be visiting on vacation, check out the workshop offerings and please sign up before it's too late...
On Thursday, March 7, I'm teaching a full-day workshop from 10 am to approximately 4 pm: the Colorful Tribal Necklace (pictured above). Depending on the beads and charms you incorporate into your design, you may come out with a very ethnic-style necklace similar to mine, or something more elegant—think crystals, pearls and sterling silver. It's up to you, and although everyone learns the same techniques, no two necklaces are ever alike.
On Thursday, March 14, I'm offering another full-day workshop from 10 am to approximately 4 pm: the Altered Penny Charm Bracelet (pictured above). This has been a very popular sold-out class, and no wonder! It's so much fun to alter coins and turn them into pretty charms for a bracelet, necklace or earrings. Add bead dangles in the colors of your choice, learn to twist heavy-gauge wire to make your own jump rings, add a handmade clasp, and you've not only assembled a gorgeous piece of jewelry but learned a whole host of new metal-art techniques that can be applied to many more designs.
Finally, on March 28, I'm finishing up the 2013 season by teaching my popular Metallo del Fiore workshop that features a unique metal motif that you stamp and engrave to fashion a beautiful focal piece in your jewelry. Pictured above you can see several bracelets made by my students! Believe it or not, this class is suitable for beginners.
During the first half of the class you will learn how to use your jeweler's saw, files, texturing hammers, and Dremel engraver. The second half of the class is devoted to wire-wrapping techniques. Everyone will finish their bracelet in class, which runs from 10 am to approximately 4 pm.
To register for classes at Monica's, you can head over to her web site here to register online with a credit card, or you can call the store and they will be happy to assist you. Supply lists will be given out to students prior to class.
Phone: 760-772-2400
I hope to see YOU there!
Happy wrapping,


Now you see it....A Charmed Life said...

Sharilyn...I have the fondest memories of my trip to your beautiful home. Every time I see another fabulous piece of jewelry I want to come back! I hope you will come east again! We need your talent here...xoxoJane

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