Monday, January 13, 2014

New Article in Step by Step Wire Jewelry Magazine!

Super excited to let you know that I have an article on page 50 of the brand-NEW Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazine!
I shared my technique for making super-quick and easy "Squiggle" earrings using coiled wire and the beads of your choice. Fun and lightweight, these are easy to wear with practically anything. Make your earrings long or short, using copper, sterling silver, gold, or brass wire. Add pretty pearls or sparkly crystals, and you'll have a super-fun pair of earrings!
My article is found in the February/March 2014 issue, which should be on newsstands any day now. You can also order this issue by clicking here.
Happy wrapping,


A Bit of Colour said...

Congratulations on your article! I will have to check it out.

Sharilyn Miller said...

Thank you!

Danish Smith said...

How practical is it to consider starting a business of wire jewelry vs traditional jewelry ? I mean a business versus a hobby. I love doing it but am not getting a lot of encouragement from family. They feel its better as a hobby and not as a full time job. Its a strong passion of mine but never really thought about making a business out of it.

wire jewelry making

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